Myra Pearson is an experienced coach, facilitator and speaker who leads the projects and programmes at Pearson Purpose. With a passion for learning and development from the very start of her career, Myra has experienced many different facets of the industry.

She has first-hand experience in management and business development at all levels. For the past seven years she has been committed to helping people, leaders and organisations develop to achieve their professional and business goals. 




Myra relates to senior leaders and managers as she has been there herself! She has has worked with training providers in the UK, Czech Republic and Malta. She successfully managed teams of up to 50 trainers, led business development functions and managed various international projects.

She has over 20 years of experience in learning and development in the fields of: linguistics, culture, sales and leadership.  

These days she is focussed on developing professionals and supporting leaders. She is now based in Malta and works with senior executives and HR teams in different countries. She co-creates bespoke developmental and coaching packages that align with the companies’ strategy and objectives.  

She has worked with renowned companies, international groups and brands. She delivers coaching and facilitation on location, face to face as well as online.

Projects Myra has worked on include:

Designing and Delivering Assessment Centres

Sales Management Programmes

Management and Leadership Facilitation Programmes

Conflict Management and Moderation

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Self-Management Coaching and Facilitation

Speaking at Team Building, In-house and Open Conferences

Talent Acquisition and Talent Management




Myra has a practical and eclectic approach to development and is known to gain a deep understanding of her clients’ needs. She has proven ability in translating the clients’ vision and strategy into actions. She has a high connectivity among a range of people in terms of positions, personalities and cultures.




Myra has a degree in Communications, a Masters in Applied Linguistics and a Certification in Train-the-Trainer. She is also a qualified PRISM Practitioner and a Certified Scrum Master.

She believes in her own professional development and continues to engage in CPD activities. She makes sure she is up to date with current business and learning practices. 




Myra enjoys working with a number of independent coaches, facilitators and speakers who are like-minded and passionate about what they do. Each person has their own style and creative energy that they bring to the table. Different facilitators add value through their experience, original design and delivery.

Myra has worked with a variety of experienced and qualified facilitators. She enjoys co-creating material with a team of specialists, particularly when managing larger projects. Likewise, she will recommend their services in the learning and development field.