Leadership and Team Facilitation

We specialise in in-house bespoke leadership training and professional development. We work closely with the client from the very first meeting to understand the desired leadership style. If the leadership style is unclear, we discuss or coach through the leadership style that best suits the company strategy and objectives. 

We do not believe that one size fits all when it comes to in-house leadership and professional development. This applies to the design, delivery, project plans and ultimate objectives of each programme. 

We know that companies have different cultures, methodologies and structures. We work with and are knowledgeable on areas such as: 

Agile and Waterfall environments

Different company structures, Groups and multi-national companies

Coaches, mentors and buddy systems

Career paths and different succession plans

What we offer clients depending on requirements are: 

Advisory or workshops on any of the above-mentioned methodologies

Focus groups, one to one research or 360 degrees feedback

Co-creation of culture-based leadership programmes and delivery

Personality Profiling tools for personal and team management

Development of teams and team effectiveness

Personality Profiling - image 1

Personality Profiling

Focus groups

Team workshops

Group discussions

Communication activity - pic 5

Communication activity