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Where do we start?

We arrange a set-up meeting to clearly identify the purpose of the learning and development that will take place.

We work with key players and HR teams to gain a full understanding of the organisation, the current situation, opportunities and needs.

Most importantly, we delve into what the client would like to achieve and what ‘excellence’ looks like. This is a crucial stage of our bespoke development as it is what will lead to projects and programmes that not only engage people, but achieve the desired results.

We also explore ways of embedding the learning in the day-to-day work as well as ways of measuring the actual development.

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How do we bring the development to life?

Once the purpose is identified and the desired outcome is clear, we work on the design of learning and development projects. We also identify and discuss the most suitable methodology/ies that fits best with the people, culture, organisation and development.

We bring training to life by keeping our methodologies of training fresh and up to date. Some of our current most requested methodologies include:

  • Interactive workshops
  • Experiential learning
  • Storytelling that sticks
  • Learning through acting – Forum Theatre
  • Action-based learning

We have seen that our methods are powerful, energise people and make things happen!

We work with experienced partners who are facilitators, coaches, key-notes speakers as well as actors. Each person has extensive experience in their respective field or methodology.

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How do we evaluate?

We arrange interim and final retrospect meetings as may be required. During meetings, we provide detailed feedback on the development, discuss the current situation and highlight learning outcomes. We also provide recommendations and a way forward when needed.

Should clients require progress or feedback reports, these are provided accordingly.

We always analyse progress, look at what the delegates or coachees have achieved and whether there are any gaps that need to be filled. We work with people to ensure final short-term and long-term actions are taken.

We also provide tools to delegates and organisations to encourage reflection and measurement of any newly developed habits. Our aim is to ensure that the development is sustainable, while people take control of their own long-term development.

It is as important for us as it is for stakeholders that delegates apply learnings to the actual work environment.